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Current Page:Home Product Hygiene Men's Urinal Mat

Hygiene Men's Urinal Mat

Application scenarios






Products using special PP framework material carrier, designed with dense drainage diversion structure, with anti-mildew deodorant function.

Framework fixed at the bottom of a special strong absorbent material, both timely absorption of urine, but also to prevent urine penetration to the ground, keep the ground dry.

Absorbent material and framework with reusable adhesive strips, easy to replace the absorbent material consumables.

It is laid under the urinal of the men's lavatory and is used to collect the urine dripping into the outside of the urinal.

Under normal situation, only a week to replace the absorbent material, without any cleaning and other operations.

Applicable Area

Male toilet

Detail Picture


Optional Color
  • 黄色  黄黑色

Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily cleaning: wipe with a mop

Regular maintenance: back to be replaced once a week

Technical Specifications



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