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Forma Module Entrance Mat

Application scenarios

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1. The series of modular structure, free splicing, installation is quick and easy.

2. Can be installed in the well, or with suitable edge laying directly on the ground.

3. Modular materials using patented technology, special materials, soft and tough, will not shrink expansion deformation rupture, or by pedestrians, trolleys and other wear and tear.

4. The product temperature range of -30 ° C ~ 50 ° C, and enjoy a 5-year quality assurance; the same time, the product uses a closed structure, easy maintenance.

Applicable Area

Suitable for high-flow commercial buildings in the court and porch areas. Modular floor mat can be designed according to demand, easily spliced into any shape, to achieve efficient removal of soles dirt, rainwater and other pollutants absorption purposes.

Detail Picture


Optional Color



Cleaning & Maintenance


Recommended daily vacuum cleaner to clean, regular use of low foam cleaning, cleaning water temperature does not exceed 60 ℃

Technical Specifications

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