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Current Page:Home Product Non-slip Anti-fatigue Mat (Oil-resistant)

Non-slip Anti-fatigue Mat (Oil-resistant)

Application scenarios






High-purity nitrile rubber material, soft grip, anti-grease, water diversion hydrophobic structure, non-slip safety, can effectively relieve fatigue.

Surface non-slip texture and slope of the edge of the structure design, non-slip down, tripped

For slippery water areas have aqueduct, easy to move and flexible

High-performance anti-fatigue, relieve pressure on foot blood circulation, improve employee health index and safety factor

Special rubber material, high resistance to grease, anti-coolant, heat-resistant

Adapt to the harsh working environment to ensure comfortable and safe

Essential cleaning and labor protection tools for laboratories, food processing areas, hotels, gyms, car repair centers, toilets and washroom

Applicable Area

Suitable for industrial or commercial backstage operation area, heavy oil wet slippery area, such as kitchen, passage, workshop, production line and so on.

Detail Picture


Optional Color


Cleaning & Maintenance

Recommended daily with a mild detergent scrub, cool place to dry.

Technical Specifications


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