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Application scenarios






  1. Non-slip surface texture of the product structure and slope of the edge of the design, to prevent slipping down, tripped, allowing users to use safer;

  2. Complex structure effectively cushion the foot pressure, relieve fatigue and foot blood circulation pressure; thereby enhancing employee health index and safety factor;

  3. Easy to clean, easy to migrate, does not affect the normal working environment; At the same time acid-base solvents

  4. To protect the operation dropped products and tools from damage, thereby reducing production costs;

Applicable Area

Suitable for industrial or commercial backstage operation area, such as elevator, passage, workshop, production line and so on.

Detail Picture


Optional Color


Cleaning & Maintenance

Recommended daily vacuum cleaner, rinse twice a week with water, every two weeks with a mild detergent scrub with water rinse.

Technical Specifications


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