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Application scenarios

派勒宾德? -耐磨型工业地板砖

派勒宾德? -耐磨型工业地板砖

派勒宾德? -耐磨型工业地板砖

迪士尼海盗船-宾得-吴晓强 (10).jpg

派勒宾德? -耐磨型工业地板砖



Made of pure virgin PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), it has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance and high load bearing. It can be quickly installed on any existing substrate including wood, concrete, epoxy Resin, tiles, terrazzo, etc., are widely used in workshop floor, warehouse floor and other places.

Modular locking floor can quickly assemble each independent floor into a whole floor, patented locking structure stronger connection, can withstand the rolling back and forth vehicles.

The construction process has the characteristics of simple and fast construction, brilliant colors, elegant appearance, strong mobility and reusability.

Especially suitable for over-wear, paint delamination, dust, moisture or pollution problems such as the ground, PVC floor can be achieved without affecting the normal production of the case of rapid upgrading of the ground.

Applicable Area

Suitable for industrial or commercial backstage operation area, such as elevator, passage, workshop, production line and so on.

Detail Picture



Optional Color
  • 灰色/蓝色/黄色/红色/黑色

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner daily cleaning,

Rinse twice a week with water,

Rinse twice with a mild detergent after every two weeks.

Technical Specifications




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