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Current Page:Home Product Ultrablock Hydrophobic Non-slip Mat

Ultrablock Hydrophobic Non-slip Mat

Application scenarios

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Modular bathroom, floor mats for swimming pools, hydrophobic non-slip products, 

comfortable feet, and the product can be any combination, easy to install

The product selects soft PVC material, the product has the characteristics of acid and alkali 

resistance, UV resistance, non-fading, high temperature resistance, cold resistance and so on;

The product adopts the professional hydrophobic through bottom design, can quickly and 

effectively to the water, so that the ground does not accumulate water, safety, non-slip, to 

ensure dry and clean the ground;

Products using special rivet buckle design, and unique super-resistant ring, easy to 

disassemble and clean installation and laying.

Applicable Area

It is an indispensable cleaning and labor protection tool for laboratories, food processing areas, hotels, gyms, car repair centers, toilets and washrooms.

Detail Picture



Optional Color


Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily cleaning: vacuuming can be

Deep Cleaning: Use a brushless scrubber to clean the floor

Technical Specifications


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