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Current Page:Home Product Absorpa Absorbent Mat

Absorpa Absorbent Mat

Application scenarios





  1. Carpet surface with superabsorbent sucking yarn, excellent absorbent oil absorption

  2. Products using a special non-slip back, feet feel comfortable, non-slip safety

  3. High temperature, anti-cold, super tensile properties, wear and durable

  4. Particularly suitable for rainy days inside the door, toilets, kitchen entrances and other water pollution and more places, the effect is excellent

  5. High color fastness, long-lasting fade

  6. Blanket surface with a cut open structure, easy to clean and maintain, machine washable

Applicable Area

Suitable for indoor rainy days inside the door, access, toilets, kitchen entrances and other oil and water more areas.

Detail Picture


Optional Color


Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily cleaning: clean daily with an upright roller vacuum cleaner;

Depth of cleaning: a monthly carpet pumping machine with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning. You can also use high-pressure water gun with a low foam carpet cleaner cleaning, and finally with water after repeated cleaning with a suction machine to dry the water, it is best cleaned with a dry blower to blow it dry (depending on the flow of people to change the frequency)

Technical Specifications


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