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Picasso Module Entrance Mat

Application scenarios

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The product can be used alone in the outdoor area without awning, soft texture, easy to break, its unique flexible "scraper" and "finger" structure, safe non-slip, and can effectively remove the sole of large grain gravel.

The module is made of UV-resistant PVC material, which is soft and tough. It will not shrink, deform, and crack, or be worn by pedestrians and trolleys. The temperature range is -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C.

Hollow through the end of the structure, dust capacity is good, while easy to drain and contain dirt, can be used outdoor rain-free area, easy maintenance.

Applicable Area

Modular structure, suitable for use in pure outdoor environment, non-slip water filters, can adapt to stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other high flow environment.

Detail Picture

Optional Color
  • 深灰色

Cleaning & Maintenance

Recommended daily vacuum cleaner to clean, regular use of low foam cleaning, cleaning water temperature does not exceed 60 ℃

Technical Specifications



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