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Current Page:Home Product GRACE Entrance Mat

GRACE Entrance Mat

Application scenarios





  1. The product is the most professional scraping sand dust features functional floor mats, suitable for high-flow channel and the door area;

  2. Blanket surface is bundled with single yarn, the yarn is treated specially with strong wear-resisting and high resilience.

  3. Blanket surface is a tufted fluffy open "brush" structure, which is also easy to clean and maintain the cleaning personnel while easily storing dust particles.

  4. Blanket surface printing and dyeing using liquid polypropylene yarn, high color fastness, lasting fade;

  5. Unique super PVC coated back, not only soft, wear-resistant, but also anti-UV function to ensure the long-term use outdoors.

Applicable Area

Suitable for all kinds of business environment and high traffic area, such as hotels, shopping malls, offices, airports, apartments and other types of entrances, can be used for outdoor without shelter.

Detail Picture



Optional Color
  • 灰色 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Recommended daily vacuum cleaner to clean, regular use of low foam cleaning, cleaning water temperature does not exceed 60 ℃

Technical Specifications


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