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Embrush Aluminum Bar

Application scenarios








The series of products to break the traditional aluminum floor mats design structure, aluminum alloy profiles are embedded in a unique carpet mat rug surface above the overall more solid and durable, the appearance of more atmospheric, beautiful!


Products using aluminum thickness up to 5mm profiles, with a stronger bearing capacity.

Original professional and reasonable aluminum profile design, to avoid the limit of the blanket stepped down, thus greatly extending the service life of blanket.

Aluminum alloy surface with non-slip texture of the structure, to ensure non-slip at the same time also has the role of scraping dust.

Products using high-quality polypropylene fiber needle blanket surface, the carpet surface is not only resilient, but also has a strong ability to scrape the water absorption.

The product is equipped with a special non-slip back, with strong grip, safety and anti-skid advantages.

Due to its enclosed construction, dirt and dust do not fall under the floor mats, leaving only the floor mats to be cleaned.

Products for the coil structure, processing, installation, maintenance more convenient.

Applicable Area

The product is widely used in a variety of business environment and high traffic areas, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments and other types of entrances and exits.

Detail Picture


Optional Color


Cleaning & Maintenance

Mild. Pollution: Aluminum floor mats should be vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner with a high vacuum as required.

Severe Contamination: After vacuuming and cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the floor mat can be spray cleaned with a high-pressure water gun.

Technical Specifications




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