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Product Library

By Area:
Entrances AisleWashroomRestaurantElevatorWorking StationGYMIndoorSwimming PoolStairsShower RoomPlantAround MachineBallroomOthers
By Material:
Chemical FiberCoirAluminum BarRubberPVCCottonMicrofiberOthers
By Features:
Dust ControlWater & Oil AbsorptionNon-slipFlooring ProtectionLOGO MatWaterproof Safety LOGOWelcome MatSnow Heating MatsScraping MatsSlow vibration MatsAnti-fatigue MatsOthers

Feature Articles

  • Sanding and dust-absorbing floor mat

    Sanding and dust-absorbing floor mat

  • Sanding and dust-absorbing floor mat

    Sanding and dust-absorbing floor mat

  • 派勒?卫洁男厕尿斗垫


  • 安波? -疏水防滑地垫

    安波? -疏水防滑地垫

  • Akon?--Entrance Mat

    Akon?--Entrance Mat

  • New Type of Aluminum Bars

    New Type of Aluminum Bars

  • Absorpa? ultimate choice of the raining!

    Absorpa? ultimate choice of the raining!

  • WeiYa---Entrance Mat

    WeiYa---Entrance Mat


As a leading company in the field of professional floor mats, PAALER has continuously increased investment in R&D over the years, it has continuously obtained various types of function and design of floor mats Patent with internal R&D and quality testing laboratories support; at the same time, PAALER also cooperates with SGS on the performance third-party testing to ensure the product is stable and reliable!

  • 安波经济型疏水防滑垫外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2016 3 0292159.5
    name:Ultrablock? economic non-slip mat design patent

  • 双层耐磨抗疲劳地垫实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2016 2 0766571.0
    name:Double wear-resistant anti-fatigue mats utility model patents

  • 卫洁尿斗垫实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2016 2 0290098.3
    name:Urine pad utility model patents

  • 皮卡索外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2015 3 0440827.X
    name:Picardo design patent

  • 倍舒特外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2015 3 0516060.4
    name:Design patent

  • 安达实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2015 2 0642439.4
    name:Utility model patents

  • 安波外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2013 3 0561167.1
    name:Design patent


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Shanghai Pellet floor mat property mat configuration


Customer Group

Following the wave of rising consumer spending in China, PAALER has been well-known among leading corporate clients in hotels, shopping malls, property, chain consumption, healthcare, public transportation, retirement and high-end manufacturing. As a continuous leader in the field of professional mats applications, PAALER gained high recognition from mid-to-high end customers through its R&D, production and efficient service.

  • Beijing Union Medical College Hospital
  • Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Xixi Hotel
  • W hotel
  • Wushan Scenic Area
  • Hunan TV
  • JD.COM
  • Zhangjiajie Scenic Area
  • Well's fitness
  • ANTA Sports
  • Hengda Group
  • HaiDiLao Hotport
  • Burger king
  • KFC
  • State Development Bank
  • Hangzhou G20 Summit
  • IFS
  • Chengdu Wenjiang District Hospital
  • University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
  • Renmin University of China
  • Hangzhou International Airport
  • Hefei Xinqiao International Airport
  • Hengzhou high-speed railway station
  • St. Regis Changsha
  • Xiamen Wyndham hotel
  • Shanghai Disneyland
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Huzhou New Century Grand Hotel
  • Harbin Wanda Mandarin Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Harbin Wanda
  • Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel
  • Chengdu Longhu Times Street
  • Chengdu Metro
  • JW Marriott Hotel Chengdu
  • Jiangshan high-speed railway station
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Xishuangbanna Water Park (Wanda Paradise)
  • East China
  • South China
  • Central China
  • Northeast
  • Southwest
  • Northwest
  • North China
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