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Beijing Union Medical College Hospital

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital is a large general hospital located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. It belongs to the Chinese Peking Union Medical University (2006 Peking Union Medical College / Tsinghua University School of Medicine), is its clinical medicine, but also the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Clinical Medicine, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Health designated the diagnosis and treatment of severe disease One of the technical guidance center. Peking Union Medical College Hospital enjoys a good reputation in China and even in the world. The hospital was founded in 1921. Current president Zhao Yupei. Peking Union Medical College Hospital is the earliest unit undertaking the medical mission of foreign guests in China. The hospital specially set up foreign guests and high-cadre clinics to set up special senior cadres, foreign guests and special sick wards. July 28, 2006 by the Chinese Olympic Committee as a "national team athletes medical service designated hospital."

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